Ranked Among Top 10 Boarding Schools
Situated in Faridabad, 8 Km from Delhi
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Adhering to a curriculum charted by the Cambridge Primary Programme, the classes PP1 to PP5 follow set standards in English, Mathematics and Science which are aligned with internationally recognized norms.

Weaving knowledge with understanding, ethics with awareness and skills with application, the school's curriculum helps blend in, an intimate appreciation of education.

Assessed by a mix of informal class tests, regular assessment cycles and internal bi-annual examinations; formative and summative learning is attained through the student's academic understanding of his syllabus.

Building upon the Primary Programme by extending learning to the standards of Cambridge's checkpoint assessment, the student's education is extended to the Middle School based on Cambridge Lower Secondary programme.

To make it even more engaging, students are made aware of the various courses of study available to them in later years, through inclusion of the elements of IGSCE syllabuses.

As children grow, their learning is mentored through inculcating their individual sense of responsibility towards their growth. Vidya Sanskar encourages communication skills and self-discipline a necessity for students to organize and prioritize their work. Promoting an appetite towards devoted learning, students are educated to understand the advantages of collaborative learning and independent research.